Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important for Teens?


The concept of emotional intelligence is a top topic among today’s modern adolescents. It’s the young people of today that will make up the workforce of tomorrow. Since businesses are essentially people, anything that impacts the effectiveness of a person will also impact the business in which they work or run.

Many psychologists are agreeing that a person’s level of emotional intelligence, their EQ, is in many cases, more important than their IQ.  Experts are discovering that a person’s EQ is not only a more efficient predictor of the quality of potential relationships, but also an effective predictor for success and overall happiness.

Your level of emotional intelligence is your ability to understand and recognize your own emotions and reactions. In essence, it’s your level of self-awareness. To be able to control, manage and adapt your mood, emotions and responses through self-management. Having the skills to motivate yourself through emotions and then take the appropriate actions to commit and follow though, is a learned skill.

It is also a powerful skill to be able to recognize and discern the feelings of others, making a connection and gaining trust. Being able to build relationships, relate to other people in any given social situation, work as part of a team and negotiate any conflicts that may arise, are prominent core elements to social emotional intelligence.

Why is emotional intelligence so important?
Think about your mental well-being. Many of today’s young people deal with stress and pressure each day. Those who lack the skills to deal with these stresses have a higher chance of acting out due to a lack of mental well-being. Having emotional intelligence skills affects both your outlook and attitude. It can also help get rid of anxiety, help you deal with mood swings and avoid depression.

Now consider your physical well-being. Possessing the ability to properly manage your stress has a powerful impact on your overall wellness, which is tied to your level of emotional intelligence. It is from being aware of your emotional state and your reactions to various situations that you can learn to manage your stress and maintain good health.

Developing quality relationships is a skill everyone should have. By understanding your emotions you can better manage yourself and communicate effectively. You will also be able to relate to those around you by understanding the needs and feelings of others. This will help you to build stronger bonds and have more fulfilling relationships.

The skill of conflict resolution is one many people wish they had. Being able to see the perspective of another person is a powerful skill that will serve you well throughout your entire life. It’s easier to get along with people and give them what they want when you’re able to see both sides of a conflict.

It’s easy to see how social emotional intelligence plays a very important role in many areas of life. It plays a critical role in every aspect of the quality of our professional and personal existence. While technology can aid us in learning and mastering information, it’s mastering emotional intelligence where we learn to manage and master our emotions.

Author: Divya Parekh (ACC, CPC, LL, MS) is an international career leadership coach, Head Career Coach at International Coach Academy, and CEO of The DP Group. She assists executives, professionals, coaches and students plan, develop and achieve their career and leadership goals. She has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who as ‘VIP of the Year’ for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in leadership coaching. She is founder of the 1/1/1 Leader Project. The project prides itself on being simple. Set a goal. Work towards achieving it. Give someone a smile. Be nice to another person. Make the world a little bit nicer. It’s free so get started today!

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