People who look for true success also seek to make a difference.

We have a number of Leadership Programs. In business, people fall into various categories. You might be:

  • A CEO of an established organization facing the challenges of the role and the desire to influence organizational strategy. 
  • A talented corporate professional forging your career to reach the top of your industry and realizing your aspirations.
  • An entrepreneur, whether setting up your first business or twentieth, driven by the passion for living your ideal lifestyle and running a business by your design. 
  • An aspiring author or an author who fits into any of these categories desiring to share your message with the masses and creating meaningful impact.

The Common Thread that connects all humanity is the desire to live a happy, meaningful and successful life despite the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Whereas ideas and innovation took years or decades to come into fruition in the past; today, innovative technology takes ideas from conception to inception in a couple of years, a few months, or even a handful of days. 

Complexity is not only in the innovation of technological advances but in the revolution of processes: how to run a company, better ways to market a business or yourself, how to lead people, etc. The new hot idea of this month might be passé by tomorrow. Organizations, entrepreneurs, and professionals are increasingly aware of the need for an upgraded, independent, interdependent, innovative, influential and resilient mindset and skill set to succeed and sustain success in the face of constant change.  When you look at roadblocks and obstacles preventing you from getting to the top of your industry, the sheer speed of change makes navigating your route much more difficult than previously. It widens that gap between knowing the need to be successful and achieving it! 

So, what are the elements that create the “Gap?” Let’s look at the three issues that create it. First, people have a desire for success but do not take the time to put together a map for success. You do not hop in your car to drive to a meeting without having any idea where you are going. In the old days, you would look at a map. Today, we pop a location into the GPS and follow that. The principle is the same though – you have a guide to get you to where you want to go. Nobody is going to plan your journey of success for you. It is up to each one of us to design our map or program our GPS for success. Without that step, you will be wandering the desert of your career for years to come. 

While people invest in their personal growth for making their dreams a reality, very few succeed.  Underlying beliefs, internal doubts, naysayers, or negative culture can become a major roadblock. When one of these elements becomes part of the mix, it is difficult for a person to commit themselves fully for what they want to do. It is like starting out on a 100-meter dash, and you have an extra 50 pounds that you are dragging behind you. This leads to discouragement and the feeling that you are never going to reach your finish line.

One more obstacle is the complexity due to the speed of change. People have the tools for a better tomorrow but are learning from the mindset of yesterday. A perfect example is a leader who was an entrepreneur establishing a web-based business. He designed a website that would have been great in 2005, but not in 2018! If we do not constructively use the tools of today, we are wasting a great deal of time and energy. 

Personal complexity is the ability of an individual to overcome the shortcomings and blind spots of his or her current mindset and shift towards an adaptive and resilient mindset. Simply learning about new methods to do something and how to change certain behaviors are not enough. True success happens when you transform the internal operating system and individual processes. We work with you and your teams to understand yourselves better so you can develop the capacity to face external complexities successfully. Personal complexity helps you make the right decisions to increase your mindset and skillsets. In turn, this process helps you grow into your future aspirations and own it.


The workplace is a breeding ground for change. This has always been true, but the rate of change has never been faster.  In today’s vastly unpredictable marketplace, leaders must not only be able to manage change, but they must also individually and collectively thrive and lead their teams in an increasingly dynamic environment.  Adapting to change requires a great deal of energy. The bigger the change, the more energy required emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The leader, the team, and the organization that prepares for continuous change and welcomes will prosper and successfully move forward in the face of obstacles. Leadership preparation is essential to create a thriving and profitable business ready for any level of change.

We prepare leaders for change using a proprietary process that combines the scientific foundations of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership.  The NOW Power© methodology reprograms how change is perceived, how it is processed emotionally, mentally and physically, and most notably, how leaders and their teams learn to thrive and prosper because of change.

When leaders practice the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of NOW Power©, it becomes part of their being. Much like an athlete acquires muscle memory by regularly practicing his or her sport, the more a leader performs NOW Power©, the more resilient they become. It becomes a natural part of a leader’s skill set and methodology.

The DP Group provides a proven five-phase process that promises custom co-creation, clear communication, insightful feedback, and follow-through coaching that supports the entire organization.  We employ fact-finding assessments before, during, and after programs. The participant handbook allows maximum infusion of the methodology.

You can trust that our partnership with you is our primary focus.  As we prepare your team to take on new challenges with updated capabilities, we keep you informed of the progress of each milestone and deliverable.  We are truth tellers, and we rely highly on integrity and straightforward communication to create success.

Divya Parekh developed the NOW Power© Concept which encourages no excuses, no judgment, “no” to anything that holds you back. It is a milestone to the change that has consistently been taking place in corporate and organizational leadership. At its core, NOW Power© is the ability to live in the moment, observe any situation with an open mind and non-judgment while taking the necessary steps to implement significant changes. When you learn to look at any circumstance objectively, you are going to make the right decisions.  

This process takes you away from a tendency to rationalize or make excuses. Because it emphasizes looking closely at yourself or others without judgment, it concentrates on searching out the root problems you face with any change.  When you live your life with the courage, confidence, and passion that comes from NOW Power©, you look at a situation objectively, and we help train your mind to respond accordingly.  By creating a customized and consistent response system to events that affect any business or organization, you will find yourself responding calmly and rationally to challenges and adversities. 

Combining a blend of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership principles, we apply NOW Power© to create general and customized mindfulness and leadership programs. For senior leadership projects, our approach is not “off the shelf programs,” but carefully constructed programs for the company or organization and its leadership.     

We employ a five-stage approach that provides exceptional results:

  1. Clarity – Come in and discover what you need, document your current situation to chart progress, and develop a program that is a fit for you.
  2. Training – Utilizing various methods (large group training, workshops, one-on-one, etc.) the DP Group teaches the techniques of NOW Power© and how to effectively practice them to make them a natural part of a person.
  3. Practice – The DP Group monitors and coaches to make the theories real.
  4. Feedback – Tracking the progress of the participants through real data.
  5. Coaches – Individual coaching for those who need additional support to be effective in their role in the workplace or organization. 

NOW Power© Senior Leadership Programs

The DP Group takes pride in developing the right program based on your needs, goals, and budget. Whenever we meet with a new client, there is a set process that we undertake to make sure your program is right for you. The NOW Power© Program is not “one size fits all.” We do not come in and talk with you; we come in so that we can listen to you. Every client has unique issues – e.g., the scope of change, personnel, the size of staff and employees, etc. NOW Power© allows modifications to meet the direct need of the client. It is scalable and can grow with you and is adaptable over time.  

Initial Introduction and Right Fit Conversation: The goal of this conversation is to understand what type of support will be most valuable to your organization. We both need to understand if we will be a right fit for one another.  If there is a fit, we will proceed with the next steps and further definition of the project.

Co-Creation Meeting: The co-creation meeting includes all individuals who will have decision-level input into the collaboration. We get detailed in this meeting and work out all the particulars of the project. The goal of this step is to understand expectations and goals from all key stakeholders and articulate them in writing for mutual agreement.

Moving Forward: In this step, we will determine specific activities, target dates, and deliverables for each phase of the project.  We will discuss the financial investment based upon the scope of your customized plan. We will then formalize the agreement by contract.

General Leadership Programs

We offer many options and combinations of options to meet your needs and goals. In meeting with you, the DP Group will discuss all available programs as we decide together what will work best for you. 

Some examples of what has worked well with other clients are:

  • Online and Offline Leadership Programs
  • Introductory Lunch & Learn for Leadership and Mindfulness
  • Two Hour Training Program for Leadership
  • Half Day Training Program for Leadership
  • One Day Training Program for Leadership
  • Series of Workshops
  • Programs Tailored for Particular Issues 

Contact us for more information or to set an appointment so that we can get started setting up the program that will bring success to you, your people, and your business or organization. We look forward to NOW Power© changing your approach and helping you with your success.

For Entrepreneurs

We provide two broad services for entrepreneurs. One is what we do if a business owner who wants to improve the leadership of the overall organization or in one or more of the individual businesses he or she owns. For details on that aspect of the DP Group, please look over the Corporate Coaching page.

This work is very helpful for any business, but my main thrust with entrepreneurs is to help them become recognized industry influencers. When you position your message and brand effectively and skillfully, it gives you an advantage over others. You become immediately recognized as a trusted authority with your audience of potential clients, colleagues, employees, or followers in an instant. Effective positioning is the secret sauce to stand out, expand your reach, maintain an edge, and thrive in a crowded industry. Positioning is the creation of a focused brand message and sharing it with your tribe on a consistent basis.

First, the DP Group helps you to clarify your message incorporating your unique purpose, your values, your mission, and your vision.  A message that aligns your customer’s needs with your values enables you to construct a personal and eloquent message that will help you attract and build an audience. You will find that you bring together a community of people who have a great deal in common and want to be part of your group.  

Next, we put together a marketing system that best works for your brand that will result in predictable, profitable and consistent results. There are various techniques to connect with your audience. The DP Group will help you determine if the best course of action for you might be speaking engagements, writing a book, podcasts, weekly email blasts, a website, online video series, webinars, utilizing Facebook Live, connecting with influencers, building media influence, etc.  It might seem like too many options, but together we will decide who your audience is and what will be the best way to build relationship with them, deliver value and make an impact. 

We will work on the ones that interest you as our focus. When you have a unique platform strategy, your brand, your message, and your audience will come together to place yourself in the position of being an authority in your field. 

We have found that writing a book is one of the best initial strategies to become known as an expert. Authoring a book not only brings about a great sense of personal fulfillment but the expertise you demonstrate in it brings you instant recognition in your profession. Your book then becomes an active element of your brand. It brings you notoriety and opens doors that you might not have entered in the past.  You can share it with colleagues, clients, potential customers, and other members of your audience that want to hear what you have to say.  It is a great introduction to gain entry to speak at conferences or other opportunities to get your message out. By bringing social media into the plan, your book becomes the cornerstone to having your influence expand out in many directions. One of the big secrets of writing a book is that it isn’t that difficult with the right help.

The DP Group excels at helping you develop a cohesive, consistent message and brand with a focused and targeted platform that will establish you as the authority that invites your audience in with welcoming gloves. Members of the DP Group are coaches, marketing experts, ghostwriters, and editors who can help you shape your message which you can proudly own.

Contact us now for more information to become that industry leader!

Grow Your Brand by Building a Community

Would you like your brand to be as well-known as Apple? We all would. While we might not have the type of business that can have that impact, we can certainly learn from a company like Apple and apply their concepts to what we do. I am not only talking about giving your business that type of acclaim but also if you are interested in being an industry expert in your field or wanting to expand your networking outreach. What was one of Apple’s key to success?

Not only are Apple products arguably better than the rest, but Apple built a community of devout followers who love the brand. They developed a community that revolved around their products. Today, numerous people talk about their iPhone as being a part of their identity. Look at the line outside an Apple store when they launch a new product. Owners identify with their iPhones, iPads, iMacs, etc.

It isn’t only Apple that does this. Starbuck customers, Harley motorcyclists, and Jeep owners all feel part of their favorite product’s community. Certain personalities in entertainment, motivational speaking, sports, business, religion, and just about every profession have a huge following because they foster a community.

You do not have to be a billion-dollar company or Bill Gates to have a community. However, every business should have one. Author and expert marketer Seth Godin states that you only require 1000 true fans to build a loyal tribe around your brand.

Our team works with both organizations and individuals in developing their community, consistently interacting with it, and growing it. We have done this for our personal organization, and it has been a tremendous asset for us. We have seen our clients become household names within their industry and discover their outreach extends further than they ever expected.

Contact us to help you establish your influential brand if you do not have one or fine-tune what you already developed. We will show you how your brand can be a natural extension of yourself and your business. These same principles apply if you are promoting yourself as an industry leader or becoming better known in your field.

Growing a community around your brand takes as much strategizing as anything else you do in your business. Together, we can establish a plan that works with your goals to bring you a community that will embrace your brand and expose it to others. Contact us today so we can get started. ALSO CHECK : Speaking

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