We offer workshops that encompass topics like: Building Self Confidence, Leadership Skills, Critical Thinking, Team Building, Career Leadership, How to get where you want to be in Personal/Professional Life, Youth Entrepreneurship, Youth Finances, etc. in an insightful, fun, interactive setting throughout the year. Our service goal is to adapt, learn, grow, build yourself and others, expand and make our planet a better place to live!

Quest at Cary Academy

Cary Academy is located at 1500 North Harrison Avenue. To reach the names of our different camps  classrooms at Cary Academy, please check in at the Quest office in the gymnasium.

Please note that you can only names of our different camps reach at Cary Academy when names of our different camps classes are in progress.

Cary Academy Contact Information & Map

For more information about the names of our different camps camp at Cary Academy, please call 919.677.7839. If you would like to register your child or need to contact names of our different camps while your child is in class, please call the Summer Quest office at 919.677.7839 or via email at

Quest at Cary Academy

1500 North Harrison Avenue
Cary, NC 27513