Divya Parekh In the News

Divya Parekh In the News

by divya

About ​Divya Parekh ​

Divya Parekh is an award-winning business relationship advisor, international speaker and 9-time #1 International bestselling author and a message muse who has had great success with authors, super achievers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and speakers.  Divya’s books and strategies have been endorsed by the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Kevin Harrington (Original Shark from Shark Tank), James Malinchak (ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Sherry Winn (Two-time Olympian) and many more….

She has a message that is essential to bringing success to anyone. That message has five tenets: 1. Servant Leadership 2. Collaboration, not Competition 3. Build Relationships that matter 4. Mindfulness works everywhere 5. Knight yourself

Divya Parekh values people have expertise and knowledge of real-world business and has a proven record of success.  She understands the real power of business partnerships and believes that the key to a successful alliance is the relationship. Divya’s strategies motivate leaders, cross-functional groups, and teams to cultivate independent leadership, the interdependence between themselves and their internal and external customers to achieve a combined mastery of connectivity and alignment.  Her experience allows her to guide leaders, teams, and professionals through complicated business and personal challenges. 

The foundation of Divya’s success is that any professional or entrepreneur can achieve their highest goals by building and nurturing relationships. She has helped many people create a thriving business that is joyful and easy to run. Her philosophy when it comes to launching books and careers is that it is all about hearts and hugs–how much you impact and help people with your life and your work!

Divya supports entrepreneurs, leaders, and achievers turn their unique message into an inspiring movement. She does this by helping them communicate their message through business-focused and personalized platforms, including book writing, podcast, speaking, media exposure and… This approach, in turn, positions them as an industry leader, builds influence, accelerates business growth and increases business profits.


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Leaderahip Girl Live Summit

It’s Possible PR Host
Annual Leadership Girl Live Summit

Get Ready to be Inspired! With Divya Parekh, and a plethora of other keynote speakers. Activities include some team building exercises and a self-defense workshop taught by Women For Women. ​


Reasons Your CEO Needs
A Voice On LinkedIn

In recent years, people are moving away from branded content on LinkedIn. Instead, micro-influencers and influencers are shifting towards authenticity and relevancy. Find out some ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Hack Ya Mac

Don’t Just Hack
Your Mac, Train Your Brain

Divya Parekh, motivational speaker teaches entrepreneurs to make decisions faster. By automating the decision making process, she says, you can save time, energy, money, and be more productive. ​


The Winner’s Guide to Team

Mindfulness prevents miscommunication and misunderstandings in group members due to biases, judgment, and ego. It works by setting the stage for non-judgment, self-awareness, and compassion. ​


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Drawing upon her unique background and perspective, Divya motivates audiences and provides tangible takeaways focused on enhancing the leadership skills and performance of each person in the room.

Incorporating lessons learned from a career successfully bootstrapping businesses in three different industries; recruiting, hiring and managing hundreds of millennials; and interviewing and chronicling many of the country’s most effective leaders, Divya prepares individuals across all stages of their journey for the next step personally and professionally.


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