The 1/1/1 Leader Project


The world has changed over the years.  There’s little time to focus on the smaller things in life. We are becoming distant; as families, communities, and as a country.  The 1/1/1 Leader Project is here to change that.

What’s the 1/1/1 Leader Project?

SIGN. The 1/1/1 Leader Project requires your pledge.  The project embraces the simplicity that the modern world has come to embrace.  The mission is simple: to create a community of inspired, connected, and supportive individuals.  By making the pledge, you are required to complete four simple tasks.

SET. Take simple steps towards 1 goal; no matter how simple or complex.  Your goal can be as simple as brushing your teeth every day or as complex as becoming better at a sport.  Write down your goal, and put it in a place where you can constantly be reminded of it. Set a time frame for when you want to achieve the goal you have set.

SMILE. Make someone’s day by giving them a smile.  That’s it.  Just 1 smile!

SERVE. Do 1 good act for someone else.  Open a door for someone, compliment them, and open the door for them.  Be simple! Everyone tells you to “serve” your community.  This will help you.

SPREAD. After you’ve achieved your goal, set another one and sign the pledge again.  Ask one of your friends to sign the pledge.

SHARE. Share your success story on our website.

SIMPLE. The project prides itself on being simple.  Set a goal.  Work towards achieving it.  Give someone a smile.  Be nice to another person.  Sign the pledge and make the world a little bit nicer.

Sign.  Set.  Smile.  Serve.  Spread. Share.  Simple. 

1 for yourself. 1 for someone else. 1 for the community.


Sign the Pledge and Become the 1/1/1 Project Leader

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