Continuing our 4 part series, we look again at how changing Monday drag to a Friday high requires harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Last week’s self assessment was for the mind.  This week we will focus on the emotions. Like Formula 1® race car and the driver need gas to win the race, you need balanced emotions to succeed in real life. People tend to seek things that generate good emotions and tend to avoid things that generate negative emotions.

Answer the following with a Yes or No and see the grade of gas (type of emotions) that your car is running on:

  • I plan and prioritize to adjust to shifting timelines                
  • I spend quality time with friends and family
  • I spend quality time with myself
  • I enjoy ‘me’ and ‘social’ time
  • I create time for my hobbies
  • I celebrate my accomplishments
  • I am grateful, even for the little things
  • I am mindful to stay calm during stressful times
  • I stay aware of my thoughts and do not dwell on negativity
  • I say no to a sedentary lifestyle (proven to contribute to depression)

Remember, you can the have best car and a great driver, but if you do not have quality gas (emotions), you will doubt yourself, jeopardize relationships and ultimately happiness and success in life.

Actions that you can start taking today:
Review your answers.  Keep on taking the actions where you have answered yes. Any that you marked with ‘NO’ need attention. Add one action every two weeks. If you take all actions, over next few months, your energy levels will go up several levels.


Focus on the mind

Changing Monday drag to a Friday high requires a formula mix, consisting of the harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit. As the Formula 1® race car needs a competent, focused driver to win the race, you need a calm and focused mind to succeed in your life. Use the following self-assessment to see if you are on the right track.

Answer the following with a Yes or No and see how good your driver (mind) is?
·  I can focus on one task in a given time
·  I check my email at specified times only
·  I spend time on social media at specified times only
·  I recognize the difference between result oriented and frivolous activities
·  I know the difference between response and reaction
·  I concentrate on activities that provide value and results
·  I allocate a couple of hours for urgent and demanding tasks every day
·  I recharge or relax through activities like listening to music, meditation, hiking
·  I create time for creative thinking and strategizing
·  I take vacations from technology on a regular basis

Remember, you may have the best car, but if you are not focused, your chances of a happy, healthy and prosperous life decrease tremendously!

Actions that you can start taking today:
Review your answers.  Repeat the steps where you have answered yes. Any that you marked with ‘NO’ needs attention. Add one action every two weeks. If you take all steps, over next few months, your energy levels will go up several levels.


Changing Monday drag to a Friday high requires harmony of body, emotions, mind and spirit. The Ghandhi quote: It is not hard work that kills a man, but irregularity or lack of a system.harmony dictates your ability to work efficiently and energetically. We are going to explore all the four aspects in upcoming weeks. Today’s focus is on the body.

Using the analogy of a car, each one needs regular maintenance and upkeep to run efficiently and smoothly. Similarly, the body needs daily maintenance for optimal performance.

Answer the following with a Yes or No and see how good the maintenance is.

  • I sleep seven to eight hours on a regular basis
  • I eat a filling and nutritious breakfast
  • I eat small meals throughout the day.
  • I have lunch/breaks with my colleagues or friends
  • I exercise at least three times a week.
  • I include cardio and strength training in my workout.
  • I take frequent breaks throughout the day to recharge
  • I focus on couple of tasks only at a given time

Remember, you can change your car, but you only have one body that can be maintained.
Actions that you can start taking today:
Review your answers. Keep on taking the actions where you have answered yes. Any that you marked with ‘NO’ need attention. Add one action every two weeks. If you take all actions, over next few months, your energy levels will go up several levels.


Achieving Goals


When I came across this story, the word ‘resiliency’ came to my mind.

One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn’t worth it to retrieve the donkey.
He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone’s amazement he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw.

With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer’s neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

We are going to face challenges and stressful situations. We can keep our destination in sight. Let’s embrace challenges, to allow them to morph into opportunities and help us achieve our goals.

Let’s make 2013 a great year!

Your partner in happiness and success,


To A Joyous New Year and Possibilities!


When your dreams start to seem so impossible,
When roadblocks are all you can see —
Look beyond all the problems that face you
Don’t limit your thoughts to the present
Or solutions you have learned from the past;
Remember to keep looking forward —
You may find the answer at last.
It is YOU who determines your future —
How your journey through tomorrow will be;
To fill all your days with adventure,
Dare to see what no one else dares to see.
So never let obstacles stop you —
Or keep you from doing your part;
Have faith that your dreams are all possible
If you truly believe in your heart.
Author Unknown

Your partner in success and happiness,


Seven Simple Steps to Boost Productivity at Home and Work

Is it enough to simply do what it takes to complete a job in personal life or at work?

The answer is “NO”.   Today’s life demands efficiency and achievement that proves itself in the form of results surpassing expectations.   Including the steps below in day to day life will enhance your productivity.

  1. Spice up your water with lemon and cucumber slices to boost your health and energy levels.  Drink 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day to keep the brain and muscles hydrated.
  2. Use inflatable exercise ball, a standing desk or a chair-and-desk combination to maintain good posture and increase movements while you work.  Good posture allows proper blood flow to body organs increasing mental alertness.  Also, ensure suitable ergonomic positioning of document holder, phone, key board, mouse…
  3. Block out phases of time during the week to let your phone take messages and email catch some rest.
  4. Consume high-protein snacks like raw almonds, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, hummus; protein shakes to keep the mood swings away caused by highs and lows of blood sugar level.
  5. Essential oils can generate various physical responses.  To name a few:  Lemon boosts immune system; lavender helps relieve emotional stress and nervous tension; jasmine produces feeling of confidence and energy; rosemary helps you get going in the mornings; peppermint helps brainstorming.
  6. Know your core values.  Simplify your goals while aligning them with core values.
  7. Balance task focus with goal focus.  To continue with a time laborious task, while performing it, keep the ultimate goal in sight.  When assessing advancement during the course of a hard task, focus on process steps and short-term goals.  As tasks get easier or you get closer to final goal, become goal oriented again.

Create a great week!



Career Maintenance


Hello Friends,

School, college, and life success demands continued learning and growth.  The results of continued learning and growth are visible in the form of good grades, degree, salary, contentment, motivation, and happiness in our lives.  Inclusion of following career maintenance techniques in day to day lives will help you achieve your career goals. Career maintenance paves the path to career expansion, career transition as well as prepares you for unfortunate events like layoffs, downsizing, or plant shutdowns.

  • A learning and flexible mindset opens the door to new prospects.
  • Ongoing education (conferences, webinars, new technology knowledge, certifications, industry and market trends, etc.) helps you stay current in your profession.  It creates new opportunities because people perceive you as a leader who is in charge of their career.
  • Maintaining an updated profile of achievements on social media provides an accurate summary about you to others. 
  • Creating a personal brand that makes you stand out can create opportunities with greater responsibilities.  It influences the employer (existing or new) that you are the one for the job.
  • Researching salary and benefits prior to accepting new jobs and promotions gets you best compensation offer.
  • Good is not enough in this shaky economy and changing times.  Look for ways to make things better in your present job and life.
  • Committed networking and helping others bestows positive impact on you and others.  When you help others achieve what they want, success will knock on your door and become part of your life.

 Set one small goal, achieve it, celebrate it and reiterate the process.

Create a great week!

Your partner in success and happiness,


One Road to The Job of Choice

Career Paths To A Lifetime of SuccessThe parents were sitting by the pool watching the children engaged in horseplay. We were enjoying the balmy night in our way. Leandra approached us, her face glowing with joy. Before we could pull a chair out for her, she asked us if we had heard the news. We shook our heads. She told us that she had accepted the job offer from the company of her choice. We hugged Leandra as congratulated her.

Leandra’s story:

Leandra was dissatisfied with her present job in Company X since there were no opportunities for growth. She thought about her situation and decided to do something about it. She began planning her exit strategy. Her first step was to recognize her strengths and interests. After researching several organizations, she identified two companies (Company Y and Company Z) that interested her. Leandra deepened her study to explore companies’ reputation, financial status, and job opportunities.

Although Company Y was financially secure, there were hints about reducing the operational costs. On the other hand, Company Z was not only financially stable but also in the growth phase. Company Z was ranked to be one of the best companies to work for, unlike Company Y. Leandra focused her attention on Company Z. She monitored the jobs offered by Z. Leandra discovered that she lacked certain skills for desired jobs. Leandra started taking training courses that would endow her with the core competencies. While taking the classes, she connected with professionals as well as Z’s trainers.

The Z trainer informed Leandra about a position that would match her skills. When Leandra applied for a position in Z, her resume had an edge over other candidates because she was already familiar with the required software. Leandra got the job of her choice!

Tomorrow’s goal drives us to take the action today.

Why Self-Motivate?

We should self-motivate because:

  • Motivation aids you weather uncertainties in life and world, the unexpected life events (emotional, health, family, friends and work), socio-economic changes, natural calamities, and others… with aplomb.
  • Motivation does not allow you to put your life completely “on hold” even in the toughest times
  • Motivation helps one learn, grow, share, do and feel good
  • Motivation helps you to help yourself and others to achieve your day to day purpose, mission and dreams
  • Motivation assists you to stay committed, live in the present, make changes, overcome obstacles, celebrate successes and achieve a feeling of well being, fulfillment and completeness.
  • Motivation equips your life boat with a rudder and you at the tiller to ride the waves that come your way

Your partner in success and happiness,


A Job – Career Versus Paying the Bills

Hello Friends, 

What an intriguing week! One of my friends gave his permission to share his story with our community. The name has been changed per his request.

We talked about the co-relation of job and happiness in the last post. Life goes on before and after work AS WELL AS during the work hours. A job can be a necessity to earn money to pay bills whereas a career can be work, in the field of your choice or that just happened, for a considerable segment of your life. The career is usually accompanied by personal and professional development.

A job can be your career too!

Andante is happily engaged in a job that allows him to time to think, learn and grow. This is what Gean desires and has it. The job pays enough money to pay his bills – yet it is not enough by his parents’ standards. The parents hired a professional career counselor cum head hunter to find him a well paying job. Andante kept an open mind and explored different opportunities. He used strategic decision making and has decided to stay with his current job/career.

A job can be limiting

Alto is close to changing her career, not only the job. Alto was stuck for some time. She was not able to take any action. . There might be some fears about the financial insecurity, some underlying beliefs about a downgrade in significance and about taking risks, but also great motivation from balancing life and growing his contribution to the community.

Basically, she clarified her “picture” by having straight discussions with her boss and with her husband, about the main concerns related to her (too) high responsibilities- with the boss- and about the potential financial insecurity- with the husband. The boss hasn’t offered any viable solution to easy her burden, and the husband agreed full financial support for at least one year, to stay home and to be free to look around and find a desirable job.

Interesting issue for me was to help both spouses, separatelly, to put themselves on the “same page”: While she saw herself living more in the future, the husband believed she always lives in the past. In fact, he was the one seeing her always in the past: as a supportive husband, I’ve heard him always recalling how “fragile” she was in the past, how difficult for her was to change her mind or to take decisions, and so on.. which I felt it clearly as an anchor of the past which he might put very often around her neck. Funny thing was to discover that he wasn’t able to project her in the future when we’ve tried this simple exercise. He didn’t know anything about the real potential of his wife (which should be her “engine” to move her towards any goal). After this kind of insights for husband, a simple discussion betwen them, aligned them and touched the solution. All the rest were just important details of her action plan.:-)