Seven Simple Steps to Boost Productivity at Home and Work


Is it enough to simply do what it takes to complete a job in personal life or at work?

The answer is “NO”.   Today’s life demands efficiency and achievement that proves itself in the form of results surpassing expectations.   Including the steps below in day to day life will enhance your productivity.

  1. Spice up your water with lemon and cucumber slices to boost your health and energy levels.  Drink 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day to keep the brain and muscles hydrated.
  2. Use inflatable exercise ball, a standing desk or a chair-and-desk combination to maintain good posture and increase movements while you work.  Good posture allows proper blood flow to body organs increasing mental alertness.  Also, ensure suitable ergonomic positioning of document holder, phone, key board, mouse…
  3. Block out phases of time during the week to let your phone take messages and email catch some rest.
  4. Consume high-protein snacks like raw almonds, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, hummus; protein shakes to keep the mood swings away caused by highs and lows of blood sugar level.
  5. Essential oils can generate various physical responses.  To name a few:  Lemon boosts immune system; lavender helps relieve emotional stress and nervous tension; jasmine produces feeling of confidence and energy; rosemary helps you get going in the mornings; peppermint helps brainstorming.
  6. Know your core values.  Simplify your goals while aligning them with core values.
  7. Balance task focus with goal focus.  To continue with a time laborious task, while performing it, keep the ultimate goal in sight.  When assessing advancement during the course of a hard task, focus on process steps and short-term goals.  As tasks get easier or you get closer to final goal, become goal oriented again.

Create a great week!



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