One Road to The Job of Choice


Career Paths To A Lifetime of SuccessThe parents were sitting by the pool watching the children engaged in horseplay. We were enjoying the balmy night in our way. Leandra approached us, her face glowing with joy. Before we could pull a chair out for her, she asked us if we had heard the news. We shook our heads. She told us that she had accepted the job offer from the company of her choice. We hugged Leandra as congratulated her.

Leandra’s story:

Leandra was dissatisfied with her present job in Company X since there were no opportunities for growth. She thought about her situation and decided to do something about it. She began planning her exit strategy. Her first step was to recognize her strengths and interests. After researching several organizations, she identified two companies (Company Y and Company Z) that interested her. Leandra deepened her study to explore companies’ reputation, financial status, and job opportunities.

Although Company Y was financially secure, there were hints about reducing the operational costs. On the other hand, Company Z was not only financially stable but also in the growth phase. Company Z was ranked to be one of the best companies to work for, unlike Company Y. Leandra focused her attention on Company Z. She monitored the jobs offered by Z. Leandra discovered that she lacked certain skills for desired jobs. Leandra started taking training courses that would endow her with the core competencies. While taking the classes, she connected with professionals as well as Z’s trainers.

The Z trainer informed Leandra about a position that would match her skills. When Leandra applied for a position in Z, her resume had an edge over other candidates because she was already familiar with the required software. Leandra got the job of her choice!

Tomorrow’s goal drives us to take the action today.

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