About Living in the Moment: The little things in life that matter most


About Living in the Moment The little things in life that matter mostLiving in the moment allows one to observe thoughts and feelings and generate a calm to deal with life’s situations. As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

For the past months, years, decades, it is one thing or other. Time just slips away like sand from my fingers as I try to hold on to it. Days blend until everything is a blur. With the advent of dawn, the mind clicks into gears and sets the course on the day’s programmed journey. I think I am living in the moment for longer than most of people, but there are times when I am worried about the future or thinking about the past. I forget to be, just be.

As the day unfolds I find time to meditate, spend time with family and harmonize my body and mind amidst the swarm of wheeling and dealings of life. Yet, there is something missing. Something vital lacking.

Let me share one of our rituals with you. My son and I go green whenever possible. While using the car we try to lump as many errands as possible in one time to save fuel and cut back on carbon dioxide emission. One of our rituals is that we go for our haircuts together. We zoom in and we dash out. After the haircut, we look great feel good about beating the time and doing good for the brethren earthlings.

It has been over two months since we cancelled the appointment and got our haircuts. Hence, we look like unkempt poodles. It is a bad hair day, every day. To make things better I decided to wear my hair in a ponytail. Usually I dress well, but do not place a lot of emphasis on looks. The next day at work I am amazed at the number and depth of comments I received over my changed hair style. People had a question if everything is all right. Wow!!

It brought home that looking good matters because others have to look at you too. A well-dressed person is perceived to be someone who:

  • Is smart enough to handle a multitude of situations. Since intelligence is required to mix and match clothes accordingly, this is someone who cares about themselves and about others.
  • Thinks about themselves enough to spend money and time on their appearance.
  • Is self-assured, secure, feels good and vibrant regardless of their age.

What can I do since the next hair appointment is not until two weeks? I put on my thinking cap and scheduled two separate appointments for both of us. I realized that it is fun to be spontaneous and enjoy things as they happen. I hum as I go for my hair cut. As I entered the salon, I look in Angie’s eyes and tell her, “Work your magic Angie!” We talk, laugh and share our news as we catch up. I do not know where the time went. I feel good and look good as the reflection in the mirror stares back at me.

I feel alive! The world came in a sharp focus. It seems to be a pivotal moment as I feel one with myself. Suddenly, a three or four year old boy darted in front of my car from behind another car. I knew that the kid was safe as I pushed the brakes. A myriad of vibrations shook me to the core of my very being. I roll the window down to look for mom or dad. Dad looks at me and laughs as if there was nothing to it. He just asks the kid to step in the car and drives away. I drive home silently trying to figure out what had just happened. I thank the universe for being there for us.

As I ponder over the incident, a fog lifted and everything became crystal clear. The positive illusion of knowing that I knew how to live shattered. Being in the moment creates mindful awareness of what is going on right here and now. It includes any thinking we do about the past, present or future. I can evaluate the situation to learn from it to create a path forward for the future. Mindful awareness marries contemplation and day dreaming with reality.

Being aware allows me to stand back, make choices and direct my life to where I want to be. Being in the moment can save the day. The essence of the moment soothes the soul. We all have our moments when we live that moment.

Author: Divya Parekh (ACC, CPC, LL, MS) is an international career leadership coach, Head Career Coach at International Coach Academy, and CEO of The DP Group. She assists executives, professionals, coaches and students plan, develop and achieve their career and leadership goals. She has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who as ‘VIP of the Year’ for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in leadership coaching. She is founder of the 1/1/1 Leader Project. The project prides itself on being simple. Set a goal. Work towards achieving it. Give someone a smile. Be nice to another person. Make the world a little bit nicer. It’s free so get started today!

Photo Source: courtesy of Stuart Miles / Free Digital Photos