Core Elements For Teens to Raise Their Emotional Intelligence


Core Elements For Teens to Raise Their Emotional IntelligenceWe all know people who are great at mastering their emotions. They are good listeners and have a way of making you feel optimistic and even motivated. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all able to master our emotions and improve our emotional intelligence? Raising your level of social emotional intelligence can benefit you in many areas of your life and can impact your level of happiness and success. It also plays a role in your level of consciousness and energy.

Emotional intelligence is important to understand. It’s more than just having the ability to recognize your emotions. Having a keen sense of emotional intelligence also means understanding what your feelings are telling you and how these feelings affect others around you.

When you’re in tune with your emotional intelligence, you have the skills to adjust your behavior accordingly by managing your emotions. You also possess the skill to recognize and manage the emotions of other people. Emotional intelligence then, is about interpersonal effectiveness. The more effective you are with other people, the more successful you can be. There are several ways you can go about increasing your level of social emotional intelligence.

Being self-aware
Being able to identify how you feel about things as well as understand who you are, are core elements to self-awareness and emotional intelligence. To increase your level of emotional intelligence via self-awareness, spend time focusing on the present. Write your beliefs and feelings on paper, allowing yourself to put things into perspective and become more aware of who you are.

Learn to empathize
Did you know empathy is the second most important emotion that highly successful people acquire? Having empathy means recognizing and understanding where the other person is coming from. By learning to empathize, you will possess a higher level of emotional intelligence that will allow you get close to others and gain their support. Having the skill of empathy also arms you with the ability to defuse highly-charged conflicts in life.

Learn the importance of self-regulation
To self-regulate means to think before you act. It means having the ability to shift your thoughts in a way that prevents your emotions from taking over a situation. People with self-regulation are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and look at themselves honestly.

Improve your social skills
You can also raise your level of emotional intelligence by improving your social skills. Learn to connect and talk easily with other people. Be socially responsible for your feelings by focusing on others. This shows that you care about them, not only yourself or about personal gain.

People who are highly emotionally intelligent tend to be happier. They often accomplish more because they can control their mood to serve their purpose. They are more motivated to find solutions to problems and do not feel like a slave to their emotions, which allows them to create more meaningful relationships in both their personal and professional lives.

Author: Divya Parekh (ACC, CPC, LL, MS) is an international career leadership coach, Head Career Coach at International Coach Academy, and CEO of The DP Group. She assists executives, professionals, coaches and students plan, develop and achieve their career and leadership goals. She has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who as ‘VIP of the Year’ for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in leadership coaching. She is founder of the 1/1/1 Leader Project. The project prides itself on being simple. Set a goal. Work towards achieving it. Give someone a smile. Be nice to another person. Make the world a little bit nicer. It’s free so get started today!

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