The Power of a Smile


A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to India to visit my sick mother. I tend to be an early riser and an active person. Every morning,  I would take a walk along this beautiful path near my mom’s house. I did that every morning for the three weeks I was there. And every morning, without fail, a nice young man would be standing near the entrance to the walking path. The young man was probably no more than 20 years old, and I assume his job was to function as a security guard. I am aware that the role of a security guard at a local walking path is not the most exciting job in the world.  Seeing this young man unenthusiastic and discontented, I wanted to do something for him. I made a conscious effort to give him a little wave and a smile every morning. My actions caught him off guard because I don’t think anyone who had ever walked along the walking path had ever acknowledged his presence. I waved at the young man every morning, and after few days, he grew more comfortable with me, and finally, he gave me a small wave back and a meek smile.

I began to see the power of a smile, and what effect it has on other people, but this was only the beginning.

I continued to wave and smile at the young man. And every day, the young man became more enthusiastic and more open with me. How did this happen? Had it only been a few days? Why does a smile have such a large effect on people?

Ask yourself this question tomorrow, and give someone a smile.

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