001: How to Chart Your Goals to Navigate Leadership with Austin De Jesus


Are you struggling with how to set goals?

Let Divya Parekh’s guest Austin De Jesus show you the path to success for your career.

Divya’s guest, Austin, is the leader of several school clubs and community activities.  He has also served as a free-lance writer for local newspapers.  He plans to pursue law and journalism degree in the future.  Austin is a firm believer in the idea of taking giant leaps of faith as well as approaching every task with imagination and enthusiasm. As a life leader, he has a passion for serving his community, focuses on the development of young men and women and has helped raise money for charities. In this interview you’ll learn how to set goals with a purpose to achieve success. 

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to set your goals with purpose.
  • How to create a support structure that helps you move towards your goals.
  • How to approach set-backs and plan for success in-spite of setbacks.
  • How to learn from others.
  • How to take actions and achieve your goals.


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