004: How Does a Student Athlete Balance Sport Career and Education


Hannah Jabusch is a high school senior.  She is number two on high school tennis team, ranked fifteenth in North Carolina USTA tennis and a Junior Marshall.  She spent the first two weeks of life in NICU and has been fighting for what she wants in life ever since.  She is a driven student who strives for best grades in the most difficult classes.  She also strives for greatness on the tennis court where she competes to the best of her ability.  Although, her path in life has not always been smooth, she perseveres and employs resilience with a positive outlook on life to achieve her goals.  She plans to focus on academics during college years as well as play tennis, whether it is club or varsity tennis, throughout her college years.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Advantages of playing sports in high school.
  • Strategies for figuring out sports as a career.
  • How to work with parents to be successful in both education and sports.
  • How to handle stress in tough situations.
  • How to pay equal attention to education and sports career.

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