The Mindset for Slow Recovery of Job Market


The slow recovery of job market in a fast changing and an uncertain present has impacted my family, friends and the people of this country alike.  People hesitate to plan for a future that includes the realization of expensive dreams.  Does it mean that we let the fear and caution shape our thoughts and actions?  Absolutely NO!!

Although the present is rapidly evolving, we can be tremendously resourceful by:

  • Knowing that how we feel is one of the things that we can control where we may not be able to control much else on a routine basis
  • Emphasizing less on consumption
  • Finding morsels of joy and fun in the life’s conundrum (for e.g. my son and I have picked up fishing that allows us to enjoy nature with sun’s rays dancing on the water and enhance our skills of patience)
  • Strengthening the mental muscles of endurance and elasticity
  • Setting short to mid-term achievable personal goals
  • Growing our network in focused areas and build communities where people come together to help each other
  • Research the growth opportunities and acclimatize by developing skills to make the most of those prospects
  • Knowing that previous generations survived through tough times and looking for creativity and innovation

Create a great week,

Your partner in success and happiness,


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