What Type of Influencer Are You?

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I take responsibility for my actions and deliver on promises

People matter, I care for people's success, just as mine


I look forward to learning and trying new things most of the times

I like to take charge and lead others in most of the situations

I feel good when I share my gifts and talents to uplift others

Time is the most precious commodity/currency of life

I like to find creative ways to overcome challenges because it makes me grow

I deserve financial compensation for my products and services that help others succeed

People recognize me when I am out and about

People know me in my industry

I experience challenges as a fertile ground of opportunity and plant seeds of change for development

I make an effort to do things that I fear and discover new ways of doing things

Life is a gift, and every moment needs to be cherished

I can think on my feet, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life

You can't appreciate a rose without its thorns. I make an effort to view life as a rose

When I am afraid, I step into the fear, walk through the fear, and do my best

I am confident in my knowledge and seek to deepen my craft continuously

I consider failure as critical as success

I make an effort to keep my word and over-deliver on my promise

I learn and grow faster when something is fun and playful

I do things to stay physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy

I am a go-getter, no matter what the obstacle. I do not give up until I finish what I start

I make an effort to be the best version of myself, no matter what the circumstance

My passion energizes me to achieve my goals

I like to have a work-life balance

I choose quality over quantity, keeping future in mind

I love to simplify things

I give attention to both major and minor areas of my life

I can evaluate available information, while removing emotion from the situation, to make right decisions

I seek mentors who have achieved what I want to achieve

I desire to become famous and rich

As an expert, I desire and like recognition

I like to blaze my own trail

I place importance on the freedom to express myself

I am able to stay calm in a crisis

I know that the world has more than enough for everyone

I prefer to run my life on my terms

I have the expertise to achieve the desired results

Life happens to everyone, but I adapt to new situations and adopt new directions

I like to leverage the right and effective ways to work smart

Agree to disagree and disagree to agree. I make an effort to understand others, find common ground before arriving at a jointly agreed conclusion

Like anyone else, I have experienced hardship, but I will not give up on my dreams, and I am hopeful of a better future

I share my feelings without being offensive

I celebrate small and major milestones

I feel sound in my body, soul, and spirit most of the times

I have expertise in several areas

Beyond listening to what others are saying, I am able to listen to the unspoken and unwritten signals while interacting with others

I can express myself clearly and effectively most of the times

Wealth is a friend, but a friend is a permanent wealth; degree is a piece of knowledge, learning is the eternal wisdom, taking care of yourself is individualism, caring for the collective good is legacy

I have the determination to stay the course despite the difficulties

I enjoy asking questions and listening to different perspectives in any situation, before coming to a conclusion

I make an effort to put myself in other’s shoes and understand their perspectives

I make an effort to include everyone in the team for making decisions

Every human being has similar aspirations and desire to achieve happiness

I love to help people and share a portion of my profits with underrepresented

I seek to improve the work environment

I make an effort to be authentic in most of the situations

I like joining forces with like-minded people to create thriving communities

I support others to get through tough times

I make an effort to separate the person from the situation and seek to understand, instead of judging

It is important to improve at all levels continuously

I believe that I am perfectly imperfect

Our beliefs about the world attract experiences which confirm those beliefs

I am blessed to have friends and family who have my back

Leading by example, inspires others to take actions to be more and achieve more

I seek some of the following: nature, music, dance, hanging out with positive people, painting, sports, fun activities to spark my creativity

I like to break down goals into milestones. Further, I like to break down milestones into smaller tasks

I pay attention to the task at hand

My friends trust me because I make an effort to keep my word and I own my mistakes when I am not able to come through

I believe in undertaking strategic and meaningful measures to develop my career/business and increase my income

I believe that smiling and friendliness are powerful ways of enhancing your influence.

I know my strengths and limitations

What Type of Influencer Are You?
Growth Influencer

The general attribute you see in the life of a growth influencer is that he or she is always looking for the next big thing. They have a high sense of wanting to try things out, checking to see how things work and are thirsty to learn more as often as they can. Instead of always having their way, they are happy to listen to others, comparing thoughts and ensuring that everyone is happy before moving ahead. Click to download the full result of your Quiz.
Thought Influencer

The general attribute you will observe is their constant desire to be seen, heard, and known. They are found almost everywhere their voice and presence will increase their visibility. They have to show up to maintain their influence. People follow their voice, their presence, and everything they share. They build ardent followership through consistency and constantly being at the center of where things are happening. They take on opportunities without hesitation. Click to download the full result of your Quiz.
Socially Responsible Influencer

They are generally charismatic, and their idea of life is that it is possible to have a world without pain, guilt, and turbulence. They know and work toward the synergy of everything on earth. At the core of their life is the desire to help others become all they want to be. They are happy when others are happy, and they can feel the pain of others. Then, they work on helping them become better. Click to download the full result of your Quiz.
Mindful Influencer

They may not have all things good and flourishing, but they won’t see the lack as a big deal. They are rather grateful for what they have, their journey so far, and they keep forging ahead to where they can be tomorrow. They dislike complicated things and people – so, they look for ways to listen and understand people so that it is easy to work with them. They have a good way of balancing their emotional state with their logical state, thus they are able to stay in touch with reality while also thinking up seemingly unrealistic solutions to a problem. Click to download the full result of your Quiz.
Happiness Influencer

For them, they are constantly looking for the things that excite them and create the possibilities of excitement for others. They have an internal drive to make things better and create the possibilities they desire. They help to give people a reason to find fulfilment in anything they are doing. They love to inspire, to motivate, and to make others see why they need to look for the good moments in their lives and leverage on it for growth. Click to download the full result of your Quiz.

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