Emotional Intelligence

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Thoughts and Prayers

This has been a horrific and devastating week for the people of Newtown, Connecticut. My thoughts and prayers are with both their and your families this holiday season. Hope!



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Life is great.  You have a great career where you are growing by leaps and bounds.  You are saving the money in 401K, mutual funds, stocks and bonds.  You have a house mortgage and kids in college.  All of a sudden an unexpected accident, injury or illness prevents you from working.  

What now?  Think ahead, plan for disability insurance or income protection insurance to tide you and family over the hard times.  Usually the employer provides short and long term disability insurance.

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Create a great week!

Your partner in success and happiness.


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A Simple Tool To Enhance Your First Impression

After reading a shocking statistic that children smile 400 times a day versus adults only smiles 20 times a day, I started a two part survey of my own. I asked my friends to observe themselves and others:

1. How often do adults smile?
2. What impresses them most about the people they met for the first time?

The first part of the survey results staggeringly matched the statistics. People said that they liked smiling folks because it put them at ease, especially when meeting for the first time.

Thus in a world scarce of adult smiles, use this tool to your advantage. Smile – a simple tool can speak a lot about you. If genuine, a smile can enhance your impression on others and create a pleasant perception about you in their minds. Most people unknowingly and/or knowingly analyze the smile to a certain extent to determine the type of personality. There can be several types of smile. Few examples are:

If you smile without showing any teeth, it’s a smile of a nice and conservative person

If you smile with tightened lips to prevent yourself from showing teeth, it is indicative of someone who is embarrassed about his teeth and do not want to show them.

If you smile while showing only some teeth, it’s a forced smile

If you smile showing all teeth, it’s a confident smile

If your soft half-smile is accompanied with soft and relaxed eyes, it’s a serene smile.

Ask your friends and mirror what smile suits your personality. With practice you can develop your smile that suits your personality.

Keep Smiling,