Month: July 2012

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How to Prepare for Unexpected and Suspended Employment ?

Hello Friends,

Life is great. You have a great career where you are growing by leaps and bounds. You are saving the money in 401K, mutual funds, stocks and bonds. You have a house mortgage and kids in college. All of a sudden an unexpected accident, injury or illness prevents you from working.

What now? Think ahead, plan for disability insurance or income protection insurance to tide you and family over the hard times. Usually the employer provides short and long term disability insurance.

Check out the following site for income protection insurance

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How to Search for a Job

Several pertinent questions were raised in today’s teleconference.  One of the questions was how and where to begin the process of finding a job.  The job search scenarios include but are not limited to:

  • Finding internships when you are a student
  • First job if you are a recent graduate
  • A new job if you are unemployed
  • Changing companies and careers
  • Creating opportunities in your present career
  • Finding another job other than the present job in your present career

No matter what the situation, the job search should primarily focus on understanding yourself, understanding where you want to be and understanding the present and future of the desired career and job.  The strategy consists of several steps.  One of the first steps is the completion of a concise, specific, honest, and up to date resume.  The resume helps one get familiar with one’s existing skills.  The resumes can be chronological, functional, combination or a bulls-eye resume with a targeted objective.  Although the bulls-eye resume may require time, it is worthwhile for a specific job search.   

Review the job listings on several sites that match your skills and experience for key words.  Use the key words listed in job description in your resume.  Provide specific examples to illustrate your skills.

For example:

– Instead of “co-ordination of cross-functional groups” use “worked on a company-wide team to generate the operational policies.”

– Instead of “committed professional” use “completed projects x, y, and z on time and within budget.”

Proof read the resume for grammatical and spelling mistakes.  Also, request someone in your field for their feedback on the resume.

We will continue the dialogue around “how to search for a job” in the upcoming weeks.

Create a great week.

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The Mindset for Slow Recovery of Job Market

The slow recovery of job market in a fast changing and an uncertain present has impacted my family, friends and the people of this country alike.  People hesitate to plan for a future that includes the realization of expensive dreams.  Does it mean that we let the fear and caution shape our thoughts and actions?  Absolutely NO!!

Although the present is rapidly evolving, we can be tremendously resourceful by:

  • Knowing that how we feel is one of the things that we can control where we may not be able to control much else on a routine basis
  • Emphasizing less on consumption
  • Finding morsels of joy and fun in the life’s conundrum (for e.g. my son and I have picked up fishing that allows us to enjoy nature with sun’s rays dancing on the water and enhance our skills of patience)
  • Strengthening the mental muscles of endurance and elasticity
  • Setting short to mid-term achievable personal goals
  • Growing our network in focused areas and build communities where people come together to help each other
  • Research the growth opportunities and acclimatize by developing skills to make the most of those prospects
  • Knowing that previous generations survived through tough times and looking for creativity and innovation

Create a great week,

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Best 25 Jobs

If you are thinking about changing your career, it is beneficial to know what is out there to make the right career choice.

The following website lists best 25 jobs with projected growth up to the year 2020.

The jobs have been ranked based on industry’s employment rate, average salary, job prospects and job satisfaction.

Happy Fourth!

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