What Young Leaders are Saying

See what our young leaders are saying about workshops:


“Before workshop, I felt shy and awkward sharing things with people that I did not really know.  Additionally, I felt ‘closed up’ on the inside.  Now, though, I feel very open to everyone in the workshop and I am not shy anymore.  I am more confident to speak up.  Now, all I need to do is take that confidence outside the workshop.” –Stuti, a middle school student

“Before I came to the workshop, I was a little apprehensive about how it would be.  But, after coming to the workshop for past few weeks, I feel that I have learned a lot.  I have learned to open up and handle certain situations better.  I have improved in managing my time better and knowing my priorities.  Overall, this workshop has been a great learning experience, and has taught me values that I will use for the rest of my life.” –Nehali Watwe, a middle school student

“Before I came here, I felt really nervous about meeting all the other girls because I am naturally a shy person.  I also thought that it would be too stressful to balance this and my homework.  But since I have attended the workshop, I learned a lot of helpful ideas including time management.  I am planning to start a leadership project of getting donated clothes to orphans.  Overall, this workshop was very helpful for me and I would love to come here again to strengthen my leadership skills.” –Armadha Chignukul, a high school student

“Before I came to workshop, I was a little shy around new people and concerned about how to handle high school.  Now, this workshop has taught me how to work in a group, talk to new people and increased my confidence.  I have found that my friend circle is increasing at school and I am more confident.  Something that comes to heart when I think of this workshop is that it is really helpful and it will help me accomplish my goals.” –Anisha Watwe, a high school student

“On the first day of the workshop, I remember sitting in my chair, looking around and waiting for someone to talk.  I knew couple of girls from before, but we had not seen another in a while, so it was little awkward.  Today, not only have I grown close to girls that I knew before, but I have become friends with everybody else in the workshop! I feel so much more comfortable, open and confident, and I feel that those values have moved onto my daily life also.” –Shubha, a high school student

“Although I was not sure if there would be anybody I knew, I was really comfortable in the workshop.  I liked the activities we did.  The workshop helped me see where I was wasting time and where I could save time.” –Tanvi, a high school student