Why Act Now?

Student Business Project

Student Business Project

Why Act Now? Because our workshops and programs prepare students for a successful future using emotional and social intelligence techniques. Read the following to decide for yourself!

A successful future – 21stcentury belongs to our young teens. However, only One-Third of American Students Surveyed Are Ready for the Future*

In 2009-2010, the Gallup Student Poll had over 700,000 completes, giving America’s young people a voice to convey their daily experiences and aspirations for the future. The online measure, administered in participating schools, tracks the hope, engagement, and wellbeing of students. To date, research has shown that hope, engagement, and wellbeing are positioned as actionable targets and indicators of future success, with links to attendance, grades, achievement scores, retention, and employment.

* Students are considered “Ready for the Future” if they meet criteria for being hopeful, and engaged, and thriving (i.e., the highest classification of wellbeing). While 53% are hopeful, 63% are engaged, and 70% are thriving, only 34% meet the scoring criteria for all three of the highest categories in hope, engagement, and wellbeing classification systems on the Gallup Student Poll. These students possess high levels of motivation and describe their lives in very positive terms.

For many years now experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) have unsuccessfully proposed that EQ be an additional school subject. Simply because empirical research indicate

  • Students demonstrate better interpersonal abilities
  • Students are more adaptable and control stress better

Studies also found that:

  • 100% of teachers reported better cooperation and relationships in class
  • in 92% of cases teachers found that leaners focused better and levels of concentration in class improved.
  • better teacher-learners relations
  • in 85% of cases teachers found team work improved, positive verbal use improved, negativity disappeared
  • Social skills improved
  • Anti-social behavior declined and aggressive attitudes declined
  • Discipline improved dramatically
  •  peer pressure was less of a problem
  • average academic grades improved
  • smoking and drinking declined
  • academic grades increases with 11%

If you are ready to step towards a successful future for yourself and others, please contact at  contactdivyaparekh@gmail.com for the upcoming face to face and online career leadership and entrepreneurial finance workshops for middle school and high school youth.  Our workshops run year round.  Please note that workshop sizes are limited to make them effective.