What is Unique


What is Unique about The DP Group Workshops and Programs!

At the heart of leadership lies the merger of pragmatism, purpose and dreams.  Application of true leadership principles becomes a way of life.   Our workshops and programs address vision, goals and challenges from academia (school, colleges and university) to corporation, friends to family, work to life.  It all begins with self-awareness of how you perceive situations, how others perceive similar situations, understanding and building relationship with yourself and others, learning how to achieve your personal best, planning a charter, and taking action. This helps you invest in your leadership capabilities and create insight to develop awareness, skills, abilities and discipline to construct life and career leadership capital.  Additionally, as you achieve personal best, you turn to the development of others as leaders.

  • Essential concepts that set these workshops and programs apart from other programs are:
  • Experiential Individual and Group Learning 
  • Employment of coaching, emotional and social intelligence techniques during team building, group discussions, projects and reflection
  • Recognize personal strengths and shortcomings as  well as learn how to, when and where to leverage strengths and bridge shortcomings 
  • Determine career choices through motivators, interests and skills, 
  • Investment of time, knowledge and skills in meaningful ways
  • Recognize others strengths and lead them to excel
  • Rubrics and tools that change the way you think to change the way you behave
  • Advancement of competencies (team building, critical and design thinking, decision making, time management, goal setting, public speaking and conflict resolution) critical to your success in school, work and life 
  • Generate ‘A Success Action Plan’ for transfer of key learnings from the workshop back to day to day life and career