Why Do I Coach?

The Beginnings

Once upon a time when I was down,
I wore what I thought was a permanent frown.
Along came a helping friend, a listening ear,
Compassion in her eyes melted my fear.
Amidst the tears, dawned smiles on our faces like morning dew,
Without words, her support, I knew.
She inspired me to see,
When flipped, me transforms to we.
Thus, began the quest,
To find a way to build our best.
While searching for the right door,
I stumbled upon coaching galore.
Coaching brings joy and passion.
A smile, a glimmer, learning and reflection,
Born through a true human connection.
Problems, we share,
Solve them with care.
We receive what we give,
Together, in ourselves, we believe,
Together, dreams we will achieve.
-Divya Parekh