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“Divya Parekh did a fabulous job in speaking with our Coaches in the Business Coaching Certificate program.  Divya connected with the audience quickly and her energetic style was very effective in communicating insight, and wisdom.  As a member of the panel, I was impressed with her commitment to excellence, depth of knowledge and hands-on approach. She wowed the group with her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism!” Sackeena Gordon Jones, PhD, PCC, CTC Director, NC State University: Business Coaching Program and Executive Coach

“Writing Coach Extraordinaire” as I call Divya Parekh, masterfully takes a complex and overwhelming process and breaks it down into a system with structure and action steps. You emerge working with her confident and excited to realize your publishing success!!“ Brooke Burns Swindle, Creative Solution Strategist.

“Divya Parekh presented relevant information our participants but encouraged them to interact, through the use of activities designed to help them work on the success of their businesses. Divya was engaging and lively in her delivery – an asset to any event!“ Pat Fontana, Speaker, and Organizer of Carolina Woman Business  Conference

“Divya Parekh gives you an essential process for overcoming obstacles in business or life. She teaches you a step by step process to a successful and fulfilling life.”

Joe Theismann, Super Bowl World Champion and Entrepreneur

“The Success Pyramid philosophy that Divya Parekh presents is a process that will help you hone your ability to evaluate thoroughly any problem you are facing in your company…or in your life, for that matter….and figure out appropriate solutions.” Kevin Harrington, Original Shark from Shark Tank and Creator of the Infomercial

“Divya Parekh has created an amazing “Success Pyramid” that every leader, entrepreneur or professional can use to achieve success in their career and business. Her seven fundamentals are incredibly noteworthy, valuable and the blueprint for success.”

John Formica, The “Ex-Disney Guy”, America’s Best Customer Experience Speaker, Trainer &Coach

“Divya Parekh gives you the tools to find success in personal and professional life. It is applicable in the corporate world or if you are an entrepreneur, or even if you are dealing with issues with family or friends. Few books can help you achieve satisfaction in all facets of life like this one does!”

Jill Lublin, 4-Time Bestselling Author and International Speaker, CEO, www.jilllublin.com

“If you want to achieve the next rung in your career, while optimizing your life, then read Reveal Your Masterpiece Within for Leaders, Achievers, and Entrepreneurs. Divya Parekh is a master at presenting a way to find a solution for any difficulty you might encounter in your place of business or in life. It is satisfying to find someone like Divya who is concerned about the total life of a person and teaches such practical lessons!“

Craig Duswalt, Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and Creator of Rockstar Marketing  www.CraigDuswalt.com

“Full Disclosure: I’ve read the first 20 pages of a lot of supposedly similar books and given up on them. Time, after all, is one of the most valuable assets to an entrepreneur, and I won’t have mine wasted. But with The Entrepreneur’s Garden I was learning and thinking on every page, and genuinely got excited about business again by reading this book; it doesn’t get much better than that. Divya Parekh has “A GIFT” for getting right to the heart of an issue, in a no-nonsense way, which of course every entrepreneur needs.

The Entrepreneur’s Garden is a fun, informative read from someone who knows what she’s talking about. She includes interesting and memorable stories to illustrate her points. She also provides enough examples and details that you feel that you have a chance of actually implementing what she suggests without belaboring it or overgeneralizing to the point of uselessness.
The Entrepreneur’s Garden is a “KILLER CRASH COURSE” in building a start-up business and becoming better in and existing business. When you read Divya’s book you will no doubt take away “WHEELBARROWS OF NUGGETS” short, readable, and an essential “PUMP YOU UP” for those thinking of starting a business or a venture or a project or whatever. As my mentor tells my all the time “There is no change, without a change in routine.” Don’t make an excuse get your copy today!!

William Capers
Author, Inspirational teacher, motivational speaker and life coach

“Let go of your fear and begin the journey towards manifesting your passion and purpose. It may sound difficult at first but letting go of fear taste a lot better once you have felt the freedom courage has given you. Her journey, story and book are an inspiration she captures the honest journey that is being an entrepreneur.

The motivation that is within this book shines from the very beginning, the moment that Dee tells Sally, “Time is the most valuable currency of life. Once lost, it is gone forever. Lost time can translate into lost opportunities, missed connections, and lost destiny. Losing times means losing life because you have not lived the way you want to live.” I recommend it if you want to learn about money, building a team, managing time, and so much more!!.” – Andy J. Salgado 

“I first purchased it via the Kindle, but then I realized that I wanted to do the exercise in the book so I ordered a hardcopy. I love the way the book is written and I know doing the exercises will help me with my business. “ Luz Canino-Baker International Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

“I loved our conversation today you are a blessing, inspiration, and gave me the goosebumps. You moved me so much that I want to run to church, praise God, and shout your name to the heavens. You brought my cheeks to blushing and an entire new level of being humble and appreciation for women and our message. Thank you.“
Patty Loehn-Beach Engagement & Impact Coach for Women

“All the members of The Entrepreneur’s Garden mastermind have grown as we explore, strengthen and deepen the 9 relationships. As we move forward, our notions are challenged stretching us beyond our individual and collective comfort zones to achieve productive behavior and results.“
Nancye F. Rivera, Media Communicator Chicago

Divya really knows leadership skills and coaching. She recently spoke to the Charlotte Business Owners group and knocked it out of the park! A true asset in the leadership training community!
Rod Potter, Linkedin Expert

“I was blessed to have Divya Parekh on my Facebook Live show. Her purpose and passion is contagious. The information Divya shared with our audience is so vital for life’s successes and can save a lot of pain and frustration. I would encourage anyone looking for the secret of life to connect with Divya. I promise, you will not regret it.“   Mark Weisenburger

“I had the opportunity to meet Divya and see her in action as she led leadership workshop series at Biogen. Her passion and commitment to creating more heartfelt leaders are much needed. Divya’s insights were invaluable and extremely eye-opening. I encourage anyone interested in serious career and leadership coaching to reach out to her.“  Leticia Brewington

“Traditionally, people write a book then they follow it up with the program or product they want to offer. I did it the opposite way. I created an assessment that measures Influence Potential, the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®), and an entire certification program for coaches (41 CCEs with ICF) and for use in organizations. Over the last few years, people were telling me I needed to write the book. My usual response was, “I have no time.” Then I realized that that was my way of putting it off, perhaps because I thought it wouldn’t be good enough or people wouldn’t really care.

After talking with Divya, she helped me realize that I could have a greater reach with much less effort in getting my message out on a global stage. Divya helped me focus, brainstorm my topic, and create a structure that helped me complete my book in less than 90 days. Divya’s methods and unique way of knowing my audience and what they wanted was critical to keeping me on task with my content addressing the needs of my audience, i.e., what would make them read the book (BTW – this translates into sales). This book became a major platform in introducing influence to the world, the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) assessment, and our influence programs to potential clients who turned into paying clients.

After I read Divya’s book, The Entrepreneur’s Garden (which is a must read) and writing the foreword for it, I could see that she really did have a solid grasp on how to  help me get started on my book, but, more importantly, help me finish it. Anyone can start a book, but not everyone can finish it. Divya has a special talent that energized and inspired me to see what was possible and enjoy the writing process despite setbacks and challenges. Divya is a heart-centered person and comes from a place of authenticity and giving.

One thing I really admired about Divya’s working method was her straightforward honesty. When I got off track, forgot my audience, or didn’t position my message as well as I could have, she wasn’t afraid to step in and challenge me. Her process pushed me to make the good parts of my book great. Divya could easily see what I couldn’t. She made me a better writer.

Divya didn’t let the grass grow under my feet. She kept me moving always reaching for the best in my writing and the entire book process. Since I’ve known and worked with Divya I have a great book, a solid influence message in the world, and a beautiful friendship.“ Karen Keller, Ph.D. CEO/Founder at Keller Institute™

“I had the opportunity of seeing Divya speaking to different groups. Divya led the panel discussion for the ICF-Raleigh Area Chapter Conference “Creating Cultures of Conscious Conversations” when I was the Chapter President and Conference Chair. I also led leadership workshop with Divya and saw her speaking at the National Association of Female Executives Raleigh Chapter 2015 as well as Leadership Girl Summit 2017 about being an influential leader. Divya captivates the audience with her personal stories from her leadership experience in the corporate world while bringing tangible ways to move forward your leadership and business with humor and passion. There is no doubt that the energy and sense of caring with professionalism stayed with the audience. I recommend Divya to anyone considering hiring her as a keynote or session speaker or panel facilitator. If you are looking for someone who is engaging, inspiring and also bring a laugh you will enjoy your work with Divya.“ Noa Ronen, MBA PCC CPCC

“I had the opportunity to meet Divya and see her in action as she led leadership workshop series at Biogen. Her passion and commitment to creating more heartfelt leaders are much needed. Divya’s insights were invaluable and extremely eye-opening. I encourage anyone interested in serious career and leadership coaching to reach out to her.“  Leticia Brewington

“Balance- The Doing Mode versus the Being Mode to achieve the Happy mode.“  Rick White

“Great information! Would like to have heard how to develop a “Mindfulness” state of mind. What kind of training is available?” – Barbara Johnson

“I thought the introduction to Mindfulness was a breath of new life and understanding, as it relates to a vastly fast-paced world resulting in stimulus overload.”- Christopher Roberts

“Divya- You did a wonderful job incorporating the practice of mindfulness into business and the importance of it on corporate culture and revenue!”- Melanie Paul

“I recently organized the first Leadership Girl Live Summit in Durham, North Carolina, the weekend of September 22-24, 2017. Divya was one of the esteemed speakers for the event, which was aimed at female entrepreneurs. Her talk was on making your message a movement and the steps that you need to take in order to do that.

Divya is down to earth, yet inspiring. She is a real person, with solid, practical tips for her audience, and inspires them to perform their best, and reach for the stars. I recommend Divya as a speaker and think that she would make an excellent addition to your event. Haley Lynn (Wilson) Gray

“Clarify of thought empowers success and Divya shows you how to use mindfulness to achieve that clarity.”- Kevin Griffin

“I think it’s easy to do with media. Good luck.”- Mahesh Balasubramaiam

“I appreciated how Divya allows employers and employees to see how neuroscientific research can help people become more productive through mindful emotional response.”- Kathryn Brant

“Mindfulness is very relevant to personal self-improvement and Divya is very knowledgeable in the subject.”- Jim Sheegog President & Founder at Rowhill Consulting Group

“Good presentation- maybe too deep into the neuroscience but did like where you linked the concepts to things and actions that happen in businesses. More of this would be good for attendees.” – Steve

“I thought the introduction to Mindfulness was a breath of new life and understanding, as it relates to a vastly fast-paced world resulting in stimulus overload.”

Christopher Roberts President, Rōnin Health, Ltd

“Takeaway: The A7 Pyramid of Cultivating Peak performance. Would like more information on how to apply with coaching clients. Thanks Divya!”- Bill Spreitzer

“This is a practical, helpful and inspiring book for anyone who dreams of being successful in their own business.” Brian Tracy Author of Million Dollar Habits 

“Mindfulness is very relevant to personal self-improvement and Divya is very knowledgeable in the subject.”- Jim Sheegog President & Founder at Rowhill Consulting Group

“Divya did a wonderful job incorporating the practice of mindfulness into business and the importance of it on corporate culture and revenue!” Melanie Paul President, Business Alliance of NC

“This is a very special book! Divya Parekh’s exploration into relationships that every entrepreneur should know about if they want to achieve success is exceptional! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! .”

~Dr. Marshall Goldsmith #1 Leadership Thinker, Executive Coach 

“If you want to experience more success in personal life and business, then follow and use the strategies by my friend Divya! They will help you to achieve greater success and live a more abundant life!”

James Malinchak,  The World’s #1 Big Money Speaker® Trainer & Coach

“When you read Divya’s book, you will discover new methods for building your business while re-remembering potent wisdom tips you once knew and forgot. Divya combines storytelling with facts in such a manner that you quickly turn pages to find the next tool which will take your business over the top.”

Coach Winn,  Two-time Olympian, Originator of the WIN Philosophy

“There is NOTHING more critical to the success of your business than RELATIONSHIPS. Cultivating long-term strategic relationships is arguably the most important marketing activity you can invest your time in. Divya’s book will give you a complete strategy to implement, and the firepower you need to build lasting relationships with the kind of people that can change your business and life forever.”

Josh Turner,  Founder – LinkedSelling

“Imagine Patrick Lencioni, Steven Covey and Thich Nhat Hanh co-wrote a book on being an entrepreneur – now you have some idea of how this unique book reads. Following Sally on her journey through developing the nine vital relationships for the success of her business, you learn all she learns from her mentor Dee, and get to apply all the tools to your own entrepreneurial journey. Divya Parekh has written a success manual like none I have ever read – I wish I could write like this.”

 Deiric McCann,  Executive Vice President – International Profiles International Inc (Division of Wiley & Sons)

“Divya does a wonderful job easing the stress of being an entrepreneur. Her spot-on, simple steps makes it easy to follow and apply. The book is written in a narrative form, so the reader becomes engaged in the characters, while learning important guidance at the same time. If one applies Dee’s wisdom and suggestions as Sally does, they will be able to move their business forward. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak at heart, but Divya’s book can provide the necessary roadmap for a successful business.”

Rhonda York,  MS-Executive Coaching, PCC, BCC President/Chief Executive Coach, TeamWide Solutions, LLC; Coversational Intelligence Certified Coach

“This book has such a wow factor on so many levels: the story between Sally and Dee is masterful, the clarity of the message for each relationship level, and the action items suggested are spot-on. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned one, I guarantee you will value Divya Parekh’s perspective on mastering the art of the nine key relationship to apply to your business. Take time to read and absorb this book.”

 Lauren Midgley, Time Behaviorist, Author and Business Strategist