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DATE Instructor Day / Eve TIME Destiny Class Name
Friday, September 7, 2018 Divya Day 9am-12:15pm Emotional Intelligence for Professionals
Friday, November 16, 2018 Divya Day 9am-12:15pm Energizing, Engaging, and Motivating Professionals
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Divya Day 9am-12:15pm Juggling Multiple Responsibilities Successfully

Book Coaching

Module 0: Getting Started
Intervention Book Coaching at your own pace using your guided videos where your Book Coaching Guru Divya Parekh will support you or at your request, make an intervention along with her professional help team when help is needed and to avoid popping risk that may delay your completion of your book on time. You will prepare your online plan that you desire to COMMIT to.

Module 1: Your Vision
You will create a vision board for your book! Also, companion guide will show you how to stay on track!


Module 2: Your Message Powered by You
You will determine the purpose for writing your book. You will declare your intentions to create a new beginning to live your life by design.

Module 3: Plan What You Write
You will do a deep dive to create a plan for writing your book including research, avatar, topic of the book, your expertise and much more!


Module 4: Organize to Outline and Structure
The next step is to create your book framework and organize your ideas into an outline.

Module 5: Writing Plan in Action
Writing your first draft of the book requires making appointments with yourself and scheduling dedicated writing time on the calendar. It also includes doing the research deep dive. It is important to have cheerleaders to cheer your journey on this worthwhile endeavor.

Module 6: Publish Your Book
The module helps you write your title and subtitle for your book. Also, it shares what you can do about editing and publishing your book.

Module 7: Market Your Book
The module helps you outline your expectations from the book. As a result, it shows you how to create a customized marketing plan to suit your needs and meet your goals.


1. 7 Modules valued at $350
2. Step-by-step Companion Guide valued at $100
3. One 20-minute jumpstart session with Divya valued at $100
The Total Value of Everything You Get Comes Out to The total value of $550
1. 7 Modules valued at $350
2. Step-by-step Companion Guide valued at $100
3. Hidden Motivators Assessment valued at $50
4. Four 20-minute success sessions with Divya valued at $400
5. Grow Your Businesses Audio Programs valued at $120
– Prospecting and Lead Generation
– Sales Fundamentals
– How to Overcome Sales Objections
The Total Value of Everything You Get Comes Out to The total value of $1020


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