The Entrepreneur's GardenIn this Mastermind group, we will be learning The Nine Essential Relationships to Cultivate Your Wildly Successful Business: Your relationship with Self, Time, Money, Market, Team, Partners, Legacy, Death, and Results. throughout the course of this Mastermind group, you will not only get the philosophy behind each of these relationships, but Divya will teach you the practical applications. Together we will learn and deepen strategic clarity, harness the synergy to take courageous actions to thrive and achieve sustainable and inspired personal and professional goals.

How does this work?

By learning the inter-connectivity of these relationships to who you are, to your core and your real values, you will be more passionate, more productive, and more alive than ever before. As you propel yourself into the “new era” of your life, you will discover your true authentic self. By becoming in touch with these nine relationships, you will:

  • Create your circle of strength
  • See all sides of the equation
  • Upgrade your knowledge and skills
  • Broaden your visions
  • Solve your toughest challenges
  • Accelerate to new heights of achievement
  • Amplify: inspire, influence, and impact
    as well as increase your revenue and profits!!

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