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Today’s workplace, more than ever before, is a breeding ground for change.  In this vastly unpredictable marketplace, leaders must not only be able to manage change, but they need to individually and collectively thrive in an increasingly dynamic environment.  Adapting to change requires a lot of energy and the bigger the change, the more energy required.

  • Emotional energy (to deal with loss, overwhelm, and other feelings that often accompany change)
  • Mental energy (to learn new ways of thinking and acting)
  • Physical energy (to shift tangible aspects of the situation)

Even positive changes are disruptive and require adaptation and energy.

The team that is prepared for continuous change, which actually welcomes change, is a team that will prosper despite the obstacles presented, and leader preparation is essential to creating a thriving and profitable business that is ready for any level of change.

We prepare leaders for change using a proprietary process that combines the scientific foundation of mindfulness and resilience.  The (Mindful, Thrive, Lead, Prosper) process reprograms how change is initially perceived, how change is processed emotionally, mentally and physically, and most notably, how leaders and their teams learn to thrive and prosper because of change.

When leaders practice the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of mindful resilience, they begin to absorb them into their way of being (into their DNA), and the more they practice, the more resilient they become.  This programmed resilience creates a more accurate and objective leader, rather than reactive or pessimistic when assessing the potential benefits of organizational change efforts. These new mindful practitioners become the catalysts of positive leading in the organization, ushering their colleagues, teams, and clients through the entire spectrum of workplace change while ensuring fast and efficient decision making and continuous supply chain.  Their new thoughts, behaviors, and actions propel others through changes, creating a ripple of alignment and prosperity.

By meeting others where they are, and fostering them through the mindset change of the organization, the transfer of positivity instills a collective welcoming of change with confidence, competence, and peace of mind.

The DP Group provides a proven five-phase process, that promises co-creation, clear communication, insightful feedback, and follow-through coaching that supports the entire organization.  As the captain of your ship, you can trust that our partnership with you is our primary focus.  As we up level your team to take on new challenges with new capabilities, we will keep you informed and abreast of the progress of every milestone and deliverable through assessments, before and after measurements and one-on-one updates.  We are truth tellers, and we rely highly on integrity and straight forward communication to create success.

So, let’s get started creating your new A-team.

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