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Divya Parekh


Divya Parekh, founder of The DP Group (co-founder of The Moxie Solution) has over 25 years of rich and varied experience as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional and global leadership wellness coach. Divya is a Certified Professional Coach, Learning Leader, Career Community Leader leading the career coaching community for the ICA as well as an Associate Certified Coach (Credentialed through International Coach Federation) in good standing with the ICF. Through inspired leadership, focused and tailored plans, she helps executives, professionals, coaches and youth embrace their inner confidence and endeavor for continual enrichment to achieve desired potential and success. She helps coaches, trainers and service providers develop customized information products for their clients.

As a committed Leadership Wellness coach, Divya will help clarify your vision, unravel the hidden motivators that are holding you back from success and establish malleable “life plan” to achieve success. A Leadership Wellness Coach is not just a counselor, not just a mentor, and not just a professional advisor –it is the best of all three and so much more. A Leadership Career Wellness Coach is more like a personal navigational unit that is constantly updated with the latest traffic, weather, short cuts and detailed road maps not just to the neighborhood of success, but to its very doorstep. Opportunity knocks and Leadership Wellness coaching will help you obtain the mindset and behaviors to grab that opportunity!

Divya’s enormous love of people, fierce passion for coaching, commitment to building leaders and unbridled desire to change the world for the better has led to the establishment of The 1/1/1 Leader Project and launch of Podcast Show ‘Careers Cast. She has been recognized as ‘VIP of The 2013 Year’ by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in leadership coaching. She has also been recognized by NAPW as a ‘VIP Woman of the 2014 Year’ for outstanding leadership and commitment in coaching. Divya has coauthored #1 International Bestseller “The Voyage to Your Vision.” She will be featured in Women of Distinction in 2015, a magazine division of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals. Divya has been seen in press: BBC.com, CBS News, Haeretz.com, IGN, Daily Mirror, Daily News NY, Reuters, Slate.com, The Independent, TooFab, USA Today.