Emerging Leaders

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Are YOU an emerging leader? Take the following quiz and see if you have the GRIT to transition from worker to leader.  Your transformation is just a click or a phone call away. 

  1. Are you feeling underappreciated and/or stressed at work?
  2. Are you dissatisfied with your current job or work duties?
  3. Are you ready to take on new challenges or greater responsibilities but unsure how to make that happen?
  4. Are you someone with years of work experience, knowledge and potential who needs the opportunity to put it all to work for yourself and your company?
  5. Are you about to take on new responsibilities that will require you to expand your leadership skills or a professional about to take on your first management role?
  6. Are you ready and interested in leading?
  7. Are you looking for the edge you need to move forward in your career and your life?
  8. Are you ready to take the step from being a “Peek-a-boo Worker” (always there when the tasks are being assigned but invisible when the credit is handed out) to a “Peak Performer”?
  9. Are you prepared to step up the “leader ladder” and take the role you were born to play?
  10. Are you yearning to take control of your life and make your future happen?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, join the growing community of people like yourself who are moving toward the future, the job and the life they want and deserve!

We create a fertile environment for individual, team and organizational growth by assessing your corporate training needs and customizing a training program geared toward your staff, your goals and your needs.  Unlike so many programs out there that take a cookie cutter approach to training that insists on fitting the training needs of your company into a “one-size-fits-all” existing curriculum, we integrate your current business issues, company vision and corporate goals into an eye-opening and interactive training that will help uncover the training needs throughout all the levels of your company.  The learning environment of our trainings allow for the free and honest exchange of ideas so that you can get the best input from the best workers—YOURS! 

We can tailor a training program to meet the unique needs of your organization regardless of size, industry or workforce needs.  Seminars range from 2 hours to several days and can take place on site or at a location of your choosing. 

While we pride ourselves on the creativity and flexibility with which we approach our customers and our trainings (we operate on the belief that no two of either of these things should be exactly alike), below are some of the areas where our trainings excel:

Leadership skills

  • Gives leaders a tool kit of “Problem Solving Tools” to repair even the most damaged corporate machinery
  • Enhances innovation and creativity throughout the agency
  • Integrates and expands upon the existing strengths of your staff
  • Improves collaboration between all levels of staff and between staff and customers
  • Builds trust and a sense of community and commitment throughout your company
  • Engages leaders (and high performing workers) at all levels

Great leadership is about passion and communication.  The best leaders shine during difficult times and our current environment is ideal for the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.  We will help you identify and nurture those leaders you already have and will help you create the kind of successful and desired work environment that will attract new leaders.  It is only by recognizing and supporting leadership on every level that an organization can hope to not only weather, but also grow, during difficult times.  Each business is a sum of the parts that make it up. By maximizing the efficiency of each part and the interactions between workers, management and customers, we can help your business prepare—or continue—to succeed. 

Leadership, Teamwork and Motivational Consulting 

We engage, share, listen and understand our client’s needs first and foremost in order to provide a clear and concise evaluation of issues and potential solutions.  We partner with our clients to help them clarify their intentions, align their beliefs and turn their corporate goals into daily action.

Rather than overwhelm with information, we provide simplified high-value products that are easy to use and understand.  In today’s busy world where everyone has access to mountains of information, we drill down to the core of what is needed and helps deliver individuals and companies from the grip of the “analysis paralysis” that results in more choices and fewer results.  We deliver complicated strategies in simple language for extraordinary results.  

  • Identify and Develop leaders through team building exercises
  • Create custom programs to fit the needs of individuals and companies
  • Turn students into trainers to spread the impact and increase the value of training

We are there throughout your training process.  Before (to create the training that will expand the productivity of your staff); During (to deliver the knowledge that will bring growth) and After (to ensure that the necessary follow up is completed to continue to deliver on the promise of the training).  We are also available to assist your company in developing or improving your internal training capabilities beyond the seminars we offer.


We can provide coaching one on one or in a group setting of your choice.  Some of the coaching strategies we utilize to move your team toward success:

  • Coaching for Organizational Development
  • Coaching for Performance Enhancement
  • Coaching for Team Development
  • Coaching for Career Transition

An integral part of our innovative Coaching design is the recognition that teams, organizations and corporations of all sizes, shapes and levels of success all share one common element …people. The path to all success starts with people performing at peak levels.  We believe this happens most readily and consistently by helping people—your workers—lead themselves.  In the worst of times and even in the best of times, we believe that companies either survive or thrive.  Furthermore, we are absolutely convinced that the power to choose is within your company and your people.  By committing to strive to thrive, your workers can tap into the creative and productive energy that is the building block of success—and we will help it happen!

We believe this belief is best illustrated by the B.R.I.D.G.E. principle:

B:   Believe in your ability to make today better than yesterday

R:   Respect and Respond to challenges, don’t react and recalibrate

I:   Inspire and Innovate as an individual, as a worker and as a company

D:   Deliberate action is always better than deliberative inaction

G:   Goal setting is important at every level of an organization

E:   Energy and Enthusiasm are the building blocks of lasting success 

Coaching is designed to help each person recognize and nurture the part of themselves that will allow them to achieve personal and professional success.  A company that taps into this force is one that allows the momentum of personal fulfillment to propel it to success.  No matter how rough the economic waters may be, a strong bridge can lead your company to the other side and connect your past success to your future growth.