Month: May 2012

by daniel daniel 7 Comments

Why Self-Motivate?

We should self-motivate because:

  • Motivation aids you weather uncertainties in life and world, the unexpected life events (emotional, health, family, friends and work), socio-economic changes, natural calamities, and others… with aplomb.
  • Motivation does not allow you to put your life completely “on hold” even in the toughest times
  • Motivation helps one learn, grow, share, do and feel good
  • Motivation helps you to help yourself and others to achieve your day to day purpose, mission and dreams
  • Motivation assists you to stay committed, live in the present, make changes, overcome obstacles, celebrate successes and achieve a feeling of well being, fulfillment and completeness.
  • Motivation equips your life boat with a rudder and you at the tiller to ride the waves that come your way

Your partner in success and happiness,